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Pilot Plant & NPD


NHE are equipped with a pilot plant for both cold pressing and solvent extraction where we can process trial volumes.

This unique facility is available to organisations and companies who are developing new products or conducting R&D and wish to carry out small-scale trials before moving onto larger-scale production trials.

Solvent Extraction

Our pilot plant is a Model IV Crown Iron Extractor. It is a unique purpose built scale model of our continuous flow solvent extraction plant. The pilot plant replicates the extraction process of our extraction plant and allows trial and evaluation work to be carried out prior to full-scale commercial production taking place.

The facilities are available for R&D, for use in novel extraction, to analyse and investigate other properties of materials and to conduct small sample runs of up to 10 kg.

We can utilise a range of solvents although this is limited to those for which we can obtain a licence and which our operatives can handle safely.

The pilot plant is available for hire on a daily basis. Our qualified staff and operatives will assist with running the project and taking samples as agreed in the project plan.

Cold Pressing

For customers wishing to trial cold pressing of seeds and other materials we can set up a single mini-press.

The press can be configured for specific seeds and equipped with temperature probes as required by our customer and has a capacity of approx. 30kg per hour depending upon the seed type, quality and condition.

Our experienced operatives will set up and assist with the pressing process to ensure that your aims and objectives are met.

The first course of action is to discuss your aims and requirements. We will then agree a detailed project plan which will help you achieve your research objectives.

Please contact us so that we can discuss your specific requirements.

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