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New Holland Extraction was acquired in 2003 by De Wit Speciality Oils, a family firm who have been involved in seed cultivation and oil production since 1978. De Wit Speciality Oils were keen to innovate and recognised the opportunity to extract oils from seeds they had sourced or grown themselves, guaranteeing both the integrity of their supply chain and the quality of their products.

De Wit Speciality Oils made a significant investment at our site which resulted in the total over-haul and re-commissioning of our solvent extraction plant. Recognising that their newly refurbished extraction plant was a unique facility within Europe, NHE decided to offer their highly specialised knowledge and facilities on a toll basis, extracting oil from seeds for customers other than their parent company.

In 2008 NHE started to manufacture their own products including wheat germ oil and a high protein de-fatted wheat germ. In the continuous search for learning and innovation NHE also began to collaborate with customers who wished to use our pilot plant for cutting edge R&D.

In 2013 NHE underwent significant development and expansion. The ground works started on a substantial new building housing mini presses, warehousing, staff welfare and administration. Our new offices were officially opened in July 2014.

NHE works internationally. Through our parent company De Wit Speciality Oils, products processed in New Holland are supplied to over 31 countries across the globe and we work with people from a range of diverse industries including specialists supplying the food and cosmetics sectors, ingredient manufacturers, producers of specially formulated animal feeds and companies working on R&D developing businesses in sustainable industries.

Ongoing successes and market developments mean that the spirit of innovation, flexibility and responding to customer’s requirements is continuing. NHE is constantly seeking to develop, diversify and collaborate with new business partners.

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