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New Holland Extraction process a wide range of products. We extract seed oils for our parent company, De Wit Speciality Oils and on behalf of our highly valued toll customers. We also manufacture our own wheat germ products.

De Wit Speciality Oils B.V.

New Holland Extraction Ltd is owned by the Dutch Company De Wit Speciality Oils B.V. a worldwide specialist in the production and distribution of speciality oils.

More information regarding the products which are manufactured and distributed by De Wit Speciality Oils is available at

Wheat Germ Oil and Bettergerm.

New Holland Extraction Ltd take fresh, raw, UK sourced wheat germ and extract the oil to produce Bettergerm, a low fat, high protein, long life wheat germ ingredient. The natural flavour and nutritional benefits of the grain are retained and improved, whilst providing a simple way to increase the protein content of products ranging from cereals and pasta, batters and coatings to smoothies and high protein products.

Wheat germ oil is extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel. It is rich in vitamin E, GLAs, omega 3 and omega 6 oils. It is widely used in nutraceuticals for both human health and animal husbandry. All oil is tested for AV, PV and the fatty acid profile. We can supply in IBCs, large 190 KG drums and 25 KG drums.

Toll Extraction

We process a wide variety of seeds; particularly those with oils containing GLA, however we have vast experience at handling other products. Should you have an extraction requirement please call us to discuss.

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