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CR Parrott Consultants Ltd were engaged as designer for a new development at New Holland Extraction Ltd – a project that we are proud to have been associated with. The new development sits adjacent to the existing facilities on Morgan Way, New Holland.

CR Parrot

In addition to this design work, the company also acted as agents for Planning and Building Regulation submission and we also provided Contract Administration and Project Management services. The contractor, Cube 3 Construction Limited, completed the £1.65 million scheme on time and within budget.

Our Solution

The design of the building incorporated a piled foundation system which utilised ground beams and pile caps, steel portal frame with internal steel substructure for the office blocks and a reinforced concrete floor slab to futureproof the development. Externally, the building shell was predominantly clad with masonry to the office block and welfare area. An external reinforced concrete yard, new entrance onto Morgan Way and drainage system were also part of the design.

The building comprises two-storey internal offices, two-storey internal welfare facilities, along with warehouse storage, an oil room and a wheatgerm production area. The main outcome of the works was not only to upgrade the facilities for staff, but also to enable the company to allow for the manufacture of their new product, Bettergerm.

The Client also required solar panels to be installed. We approached several specialist companies and following receipt of quotations and power output/payback details, a specialist was chosen to supply the solar panel array to the roof of the building, which were then incorporated into the design details.

The scheme benefited from a Regional Growth Funding Grant of £230,000.00, which we secured for the Client through liaison with the Local Authority.

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