New Holland Extraction


Our Main Plant & Factory


Our bespoke manufacturing facilities are specifically designed for the extraction of oil from high value seeds.

Our facilities which are unique within the UK and Europe, allow us to provide a flexible approach to the extraction of oil from seeds and other products. The processing route can be tailored to meet our customers’ requirements.

Cold Pressing

We have a bank of small stand alone mechanical screw presses specifically designed and set up for the cold pressing a range of specialist seeds.

For very large volumes of seeds we can utilise our large presses. These presses can process large volumes of seed very quickly and are often used to produce the initial stream of cold pressed oil prior to the pressed cake being automatically conveyed in a continuous extraction process into our solvent extractor.

Solvent Extraction

Our solvent extraction plant is an immersion extractor which gives us the ability to extract oil from fine products and seeds.

The pressed cake or seed is automatically conveyed into the continuous flow extractor where it is brought into contact with a food-grade hexane solvent. The solvent is removed from the oil to leave if required, less than 1 part per million in the oil (to meet current regulations for human nutrition).

This method of extraction is highly efficient, allowing both rapid processing and leaving very low residual oil levels, approx. 0.5 – 0.8% in extracted seed.

Filtering and Packaging

Oil is filtered on plant to remove particulates, then placed in oil tanks or directly into IBCs or drums.

We have an oil filling room where oil can be filtered and packed off under clean conditions. The filling room allows us to re-filter the oil to a higher standard prior to packing and despatch.


Oil is packed in IBCs or drums as specified by our customer, we also have the ability to bulk out load. Pressed cake and meal can be despatched in large bags or bulk wagons. Should you require it we can arrange for disposal of meal and pressed cake.


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