New Holland Extraction


We are New Holland Extraction


NHE is the only facility in Europe capable of providing commercial small scale solvent extraction for niche market products.

We are a UK based business, who were acquired by De-Wit Speciality Oils in 2003.

Over the years De-Wit have made substantial investments to enable the site to grow from its original small footprint of extraction buildings to its current footprint which includes, warehousing, secondary press room and oil filtration.

Our Capabilities

Capable of extracting up to 99% of the oil content of a seed.

We can produce oils with less than 1ppm residual solvent.

We produce defatted meals for animal feeds and meals for AD (Anaerobic Digestion) power.

We can process batches from 5Ton to 500Ton and can work with a multitude of starting materials.

We can provide NPD solutions using our pilot plant extractor, presses & expertise.

We can handle approximately 4500 tonnes of material a year and produce around 1200 tonnes of oil.

We can pack and ship from a single 20kg drum to a 20,000kg tanker, depending on the customers needs.


Some of our Current Products

During the past 4 years, we have extracted over 56 different starting materials.

Examples of high-volume raw materials we processed:

Borage seed, Rosehip seed and Wheatgerm.

Oils can be supplied to a number of standards including:

Organic, Food grade, Animal grade

Examples of the more unique materials have been:

Coffee grounds, Broccoli seeds, Cocoa and Algae.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, we are confident we can help your processing needs.

The NHE Organisation

29 Members of Staff

15 of these are in direct production.


The quality and regulatory function here at NHE is maintained by our experienced internal QA team


Running 365 days a year and operates a 4-shift system.


We have skills within the team from a wide variety of industry backgrounds that include food/chemical/animal feed/Pharma and blue chip. This gives a strong mix of skills and knowledge thus helping us to continually grow as a team and organisation.


We are certified by several bodies: FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme) / FSSC 22000:2018 (Food Safety Systems Certification) / ISO 9001:2015 / Soil Association Organic Certification.


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Our Site

Based in New Holland, North Lincolnshire

The NHE site is made up of two warehouses, a laboratory, offices, a mini-press plant, a preparation plant and a separation plant.